Name: Nicholas Gene Carter(aka Nick)

Birthdate: 28 January 1980

Birthplace: Jamestown, NY, USA

Family: Parents - Jane and Bob, brother Aaron (8), sisters B.J (13), Leslie(10) and Angel (8)

Height: 1.80 m

FAVS: stuffed-crust pizza, poetry, the colour green, music - Nirvana, Journey, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, playing the drums and nintendo games, basketball, football.

DISLIKES: Smoking, and being away from his family.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Floopy blonde hair, big blue eyes and a smile to die for.

On the weekends you would find him on or in the water, diving, fishing, or on the family motorboat.

If he was an animal he would be a tasmanian devil because "they're cute but they have a bite".

First Kiss: with a girl in school who slammed one on him.

He would like to snog Christina Ricci because she is cool.

Nick hasn't really thought about being labelled "the cute one", however he has said that it does get embarrassing for him because he has grown up alot in the last year. He reckons that his little bro Aaron is cuter.

The most romantic thing a girl has given him is a Chicago Bulls jersey, especially since he is a Chicago Bulls fan.

Nick thinks being dumped is the worst thing. If he was to date an older girl she would have to be a little older, like 19 or 20. Nick used to look at the pretty girls at school and wished they would go out with him, but they were only interested in cool guys who were really into sport. He wasn't very popular in school because of his singing and acting. Since he was hurt during school because he didn't get to go with the girls he wanted, he now looks for a good heart in a girl. The looks come second.

He likes girls to dress casual, like jeans and a t-shirt.

Howie has said that Nick's the grumpiest guy in the world first thing in the morning. "When he gets in his nagging moods, he slaps you around the head".

Nick watches 'My Little Pony'

Nick is relaxed and laidback. He maintains eye contact and tilts his head when listening to people. He is expressive with his hands, touches his heart area alot and leans forward when discussing subjects he feels passionate about. When he is thinking hard, he gazes upwards and smacks his lips together. If he is under pressure, he's body language changes. In a conversation he is cheeky, friendly and chatty. He used to be shy in interviews but has blossomed in confidence.

Nick has the odd zit but still looks good.

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