Matt's recent movie out is "Saving Private Ryan". This movie also stars Tom Hanks. This movie was done by Steven Spielberg. This movie is about an American mother who is about to get the news that three of her sons have died in action within a heartbeat of each other. A fourth, a paratrooper, (Matt Damon, who is Private James Ryan) may or may not still be alive somewhere in the Normandy countryside. Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) must lead a tattered squad in search of this man, a symbolic figure—but also, as a shattering visual poem of the home front attests, some mother's son—and rescue him, even if they all die trying.

Matt cried on one the worst dates he ever had. He will never forget his senior school dance, because the girl he turned up with went off with another guy. "I cried myself to sleep".

Matt has a secret habit. It is an occasional spot of gambling. "It gives me a total rush".

Ben and Matt are finishing a new script called 'Like a Rock'. This time Ben will be playing the leading man and Matt the sidekick buddy.

Matt and Winona Ryder are 'seriously dating'. Sorry girls. Not only am I missing out, but you too!

Matt and his friend Ben Affleck worte 'Good Will Hunting'. Matt plays the leading role and Ben the sidekick buddy. Matt stars as Will Hunting, a troublemaker and maths genius. On the verge of jail, he's pardoned if he sees a therapist (Robin Williams). Matt and Ben didn't have to think too hard about making up the character of Skylar (Minnie Driver's role in Good Will Hunting). She was a real person who dated Matt when they were at college. Skylar's a doctor in California - just like Minnie's character ends up doing.

In 'Courage Under Fire' Matt lost 18.5 kilos to play a drug-addicted medic. In 'The Rainmaker' he whipped out his testicles to get a response from a fellow actor.

Matt started his career in 1992 playing opposite Brendan Fraser and Chris O'Donnell in 'School Ties'. His performance in 'Courage Under Fire' grabbed everyone's attention. It was so severe that director freaked out and insisted Matt start eating. "I was so far gone I wasn't going to compromise. I'm not sorry I did it. I just didn't know the effects would be so long-lasting. I went to a doctor and he said, 'The good news is that your heart didn't shrink.' My blood sugar was all messed up. I'm still on medication for that". Even though 'Courage Under Fire' may have messed up his system, it convinced director Francis Ford Coppola to give Matt a role in John Grisham's 'The Rainmaker', opposite Claire Danes, Danny DeVito and Andrew Shue. Matt plays Rudy Baylor, a naive young lawyer who takes on an evil conglomerate.

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