Name: Kevin Richardson

Birthdate: 3 October 1971

Family: Parents - Gerald (passed away in 1991), Gerald(31) and Tim (28).

Dream Date: Liv Tyler

3 Things he couldn't live without: music, family, love

Kev is a mean player on the basketball court. He has earned the nickname Train. AJ said, "Because he's on automatic pilot, he'll just knock you over".

Kev has a secret passion for peanut butter. Unfortunely he doesn't want it smeared all over him. He prefers it sensibly spread on a Ritz cracker- with jam.

Kev folds his arms defensively when he's talking and sometimes strokes his beard thoughtfully. He smiles secretly to himself alot. His browny-green eyes are often a bit downcast. He is a softly spoken chap, but has a very sudden laugh when he opens his mouth really wide and bends down as if to elbow you in the ribs.

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