Info on the Backstreet Boys

A BSB concert was cancelled because Howie's sister died.

The Backstreet Boys have recently filed a suit against their manager concerning control over their corporate entity Backstreet Boys, Inc. The trial date has been set as 1 Nov 1999 by the U.S. District Court in Orlando.

The Backstreet Boys are currently working on their next album which will include a song specially written for them by the Bee Gees.

Bad news for Australian fans. They guys are coming to Australia for a tour because due to their overwhelming success in the US, they aren't able to make it to Australia in November (1998) as planned. Hopefully they are able to go to Australia early next year. Fingers crossed.

Before they go on stage, the guys have a ritual prayer.

The name of the band was named after a local shopping centre in their home town in Tampa, Florida. "We never actually decided on the name, we just started using it and it stuck".

When the guys were doing a promo tour in Australia in 1996, they demanded a dozen red roses be left in their dressing-room. But it wasn't for decoration - they handed them out to fans.

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