Name: Brian Thomas Littrel (aka B-Rok [TM])

Birthdate: 20 February 1975

Birthplace: Kentucky

Family: Parents - Harold and Jacqueline

Height: 1.82 m

FAVS: Basketball, ice-cream flavour 'vanilla and chocolate-chip', into Madonna, dogs, fashion, computer games, music.

DISLIKES: Not getting enough sleep

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The "TM" after his name, a chiselled jaw and baby-blue eyes.

If he was an animal he would be a monkey because they act funny.

First Kiss: "kind of gross"

Brian has said that relationships are hard to keep because of all the travelling he does.

Brian's favourite part of a woman's body is her face. He really likes faces, especially eyes and mouths. But if they don't have a good personality then he isn't interested.

Brian bites his finger nails "I've bitne them all my life. My mum was always like 'Get your fingers out of your mouth'. I've tried to stop and it's something that bothers me. But I still do it".

When you talk to Brian, he looks you straight in the eye. His piercing-blue eyes sparkle when he's on the subject of basketball. His voice sounds warmer too. He has a southern American accent (ie, he tawks lahk theeyus). He also imitates other accents. He is polite and never swears. If you talk to him about his recent heart surgery, his voice trembles.

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