Name: Alexander James McLean

Birthdate: 9 January 1978

Birthplace: Palm Beach, USA

Family: Mother Denise,no siblings

Height: 1.77 m

FAVS: McDonalds, ice-cream flavour 'chocolate-chip', the colour purple, music-Boyz II Men, Mark Morrison, writing poems, volleyball, basketball.

First Kiss: 6th grade and he hated it

If he was an animal he would be a wolf because of those hungry eyes.

Quotes: "We regularly get pelted by bras and knickers but we have to throw them off the side of the stage".

AJ likes to catch your eye. If you make contact, you're sucked in. His voice shifts between flirty and comical (his english accent is brillantly over-the-top). When he's being serious, he'll go quiet and lean towards you.

AJ is sharp and brimming with confidence. He fields questions with ease and his answers are accompanied by extravagant hand gestures.

AJ was on stage when a fan threw him a bunch of red roses. The dancing devil knelt down to pick them up and a thron went into his knee.

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