NEWS FLASH Mel B is pregnant!

NEWS FLASH Mel B has married Jimmy Gulzar. He is a dancer and met Mel on one of the girls' tours.

This is Melanie Brown (Scary Spice).

Date of Birth: 29/05/75

Place of birth: Leeds, Yorkshire

Starsign: Gemini

Family:Martin(father from Jamaica), Andrea(mother) and Danielle(sister)

Likes: Rap, hip hop and jungle music, wearing tiger prints, sewing, fish & chips, writing poems, the colour yellow

Melanie has a pierced tongue and a tattoo on her stomach which is a Japanese symbol with the meaning 'Spirit, Heart and Mind'.

Own production company: Moneyspider Productions Limited

Her heores are anyone who lives by their own rules. Her greatest fear is to not be able to communicate with people.

With the money earned, she was going to get her car fixed.

If she wasn't famous she would like to be an excellent footballer (she means soccer).

In April Mel and boxer Fjolnir Thorgeirson got engaged, but now it is off because he got sick of the constant touring and lack of privacy.

Whenever Mel has to fly in a plance, she gets a zit.

When she was 12, she raided her mum's drink cabinet and polished off a bottle of booze. "I think I did it for a dare - but believe it or not, I'm just the same whether I'm drunk or sober".

At home she sweeps her hair up and out of her face with a G-string. "My knickers don't smell".

Before being a Spice girl, Mel was an extra in a British TV soap called 'Coronation Street'.

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