Recently Forbes magazine announced the Top 40 ranking of the richest celebritites. Leonardo DiCaprio ranked number 34.

Recently in New York Leonardo DiCaprio received his own private tour of the 19th-century galleries at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Leo tried to see the Impressions at the museum with the general public but he was too recognised. So they closed it from the general public. However Leo didn't tour the museum alone. His friend, rapper Q-Tip joined him for a one hour tour of the museum. Leo seemed interested in the Van Goghs paintings. "Leo very knowledgeable about 20th-century art, but doesn't know as much about the 19th-century. He was asking a lot of questions", said Leo's spokesman. After the tour, Leo went into the gift shop and bought a silk scarf for an "unidentified lady friend".

Leo undertook knee surgery because he spent too much time on the basketball courts. Leo has been having trouble on and off and the pain got so bad that his friends had to help him leave a party. After the surgery, Leo has been anxious to get back onto the basketball court.

When Leo received the offer to play a role in the movie 'American Psycho' has not taken on the role. Leo was interested in starring in the movie but recently rejected the offer. Oliver Stone, who was interested in helming the movie, had talks with Leo and Leo actually participated in reading the script with other actors at Oliver Stone's office in Los Angeles. Apparantly Leo couldn't commit to the project because Leo and the producer, Lions Gate couldn't agree on a starting date for the movie.
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