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Dating a different girl every week: "It's just exaggeration. If I go out, I meet people and talk to people. If I'm seen talking to them then it's suggested I'm seeing them, which is stupid. I'm only hanging out with them, not dating them. The only thing that is true is that I think about girls alot, all the time".
Feeling alone when he's single: "I do, but you get used to it the older you get. Most of the time I do feel like I need someone else when I'm alone. But I can still get by with just my own company and that makes me a stronger person".
Love and Fate: "I think there is something out there that is helping us along. People have told me weird stories about the spiritual world and so on and I doubt if I could fault it. Personally, I have faith in what is around the corner and if it's love, then fine".
Talking to girls: "I like to talk to a girl person to person. I don't show off. I also like a bit of a challenge. I'm not into serenading her or anything but I like to find out what a girl likes and compliment her and stuff".
Love at first sight: "I absolutely believe in it! You've got to keep the faith. Who doesn't like the idea that you could see someone tomorrow and she could be the love of your life? It's very romantic".
Romance: "I'd definitely say that when I'm alone with a girl, I'm doing the baby voices, all that stuff, rubbing noses, the whole thing".
Being a love God: "I hate the whole hunk thing. I feel when I see myself depicted as a hunk that I'm just a part of a meat factory. You know, the hunk of the month. That's definitely not what I want to be and I've worked real hard to get away from that whole situation. It's not like I'm some bug teen star or anything, so being dubbed a hunk sort of annoys me. It gives me a yucky feeling".
Dating Bridget Hall: "You've got to be joking. Bridget Hall and I hung out for a week. It was blown way out of proportion".
What he likes in a girl: "Simply for her to be herself and I'll see if I like her true self. That's the first step. But if she's a truly psychotic killer..I wouldn't really dig that".
Learning about sex: "I never had the typical speech about the birds and the bees with my dad. I've always been a smart boy and I learn things quickly. I guess I was younger that most when I started thinking about sex".

Though 23, Leo's boyish looks allow him to apply his learned experience and charm to younger roles that many of his immature competitors cannot handle. "The best thing about acting is that I get to lose myself in another character and actually get paid for it. It's a great outlet. As for myself, I'm not sure who I am. It seems that I change every day."

Leo likes to collect sunglasses and girls...HE PREFERS BRUNETTES! He is shy but can be wild. He is also romantic and believes in love at first sight. He had his first kiss when he 14 years old.

He gets his hair colored at Privé salon in L.A.

His First cheque for over $1 million is "Titanic". His first film was "Critters", but he doesn't like to talk about it much.
Leo is considered to be one of the hottest and talented actors in Hollywood today.
On the first day of filming "Titanic", the first scene that was filmed was Jack drawing a nude picture of Rose. Well, before they shot the scene, Leo walked into Kate's dressing room to find her getting her makeup done in the nude! When he saw her, his reaction, was "Whooa!" Kate laughed it off, and invited him in anyway. She told him since they were going to spend the whole day like this, they might as well get use to it!

Leo was paid $2.5 million for "Titanic". He was the only person who kept Kate Winslet sane, while filming "Titanic". He would make her laugh by cracking jokes, doing impressions. and teasing her with his pet lizard, Blizz.
He lost the role of Robin in Batman & Robin to Chris O'Donnell but beat out O'Donnell and Matthew McConaughey, among others, for the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic.

Leo's movie "The Man In The Iron Mask" is good, especially since Leo is in it. Leo makes this movie even better by staring in it. If Leo wasn't in this movie it wouldn't be successful. In this movie Leo plays both the King and the guy in the iron mask. I recommend every Leo fan to see it.

Leo is currently suing Playgirl for reveiling unauthorised pics of him in the nude in the July issue. The suit argues that publishing the nudie pics would be "offensive and objectionable," and a "reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities would not want to disclose in a nationally published magazine . . . his completely naked body, including full frontal nudity."

During the movie 'Marvin's Room', Leo made it difficult for Meryl Streep. She said, "He's hilarious off the set, and then it gets serious. Then you want to say, 'Shut up, Leonardo. We're gonna do this shot where I have to cry now, so I have to pay attention.' It's great to have fun, but when you're playing the pissed-off character..I would try to be pissed off and it was impossible because he's so delicious".

Leo has been trying to ban all the photos of himself that he doesn't like. Such as the photos in Detour magazine where he tried to be a rebel.

British model Karen Butler told the world that she and Leo had a one-night stand after the London premiere of 'The Man In The Iron Mask'.

Leo has caused teenage riots in London, Paris and Japan. Four of the best selling books in the world today are Leo-related. There are also 500 websites (inclduing this one) that dedicate to his art and himself. When Leo was seen in Miami, he had his shirt off and was in danger of losing his leading man looks. He appeared to have no muscles at all andis developing a floppy belly. Leo has had a tough time living up to the stereotype of a hunky lead actor.
According to James Cameron (producer of Titanic), Leo had to undergo hours of fitness training with Hollywood's top trainer, who is a former Israeli commando, Uzi Gal. James wanted Leo to be more convincing as a romantic lead. However in recent months Leo has allowed his looks and body image to fall. The trappings of his phenomenal success have included too many pizzas, burgers and sugary treats. Maybe this could have come from the lack of true love. But rumor has it that he has moved onto yet another model girlfriend. She is Alyssa Sourovova, an 18 year old Russian who has been said to have hooked up with Leo shortly after arriving in LA from Milan.

Leo nearly had a fatal accident whilst parachuting. His parachute didn't open so he had to free-fall until his backup chute kicked in. He said, "Skydiving is the sickest thing. I made a video afterwards where I look into the camera all jittery and go, 'Leo, if you're watching this, this is your last time skydiving. It's your first life-and-death experience. I want you to learn from it'.

Leo deals with fame by ignoring a lot of the stuff that he reads about himself, because some of it will be true and some won't be. "It can't really affect you because you know what really lasts is your work".

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