Full name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Nicknames: Leo, Cappy, The Noodle, Leonardo Retardo

Born: November 11, 1974

Birthplace: Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA

Star sign: Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Libra

Height: 185cm (6'0)

Weight: 140 pounds

Shoe size: 11

Parents: George (Italian) and Irmelin (German). Leo lived with his mom, Irmelin, until he turned 23. He moved into his own house in November, 1997.

Siblings: Step Brother Adam (who was also an actor)

Education: Center for Enriched Studies, Los Angeles, CA. Leo can speak fluent German. Leo finished high school with a tutor.

Bad habits: Twisting his hair and biting his nails

Hobbies: Collecting baseball and basketball cards, skiing, video games

Favorites: book: The Old Man by the Sea by Ernest Hemingway food: pasta, he is a vegetarian drink: lemonade, diet coke colors: black and purple Favorite shoes: black Doc Martens. sports: basketball and baseball movie: all three Godfather films actors: Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, River Phoenix, Meg Ryan bands: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin clothes: thrift shop clothes, baggy jeans, t-shirts, flannel shirts, Doc Martens music: reggae, rap, rock Hang outs:Bash in Miami, Tunnel and Life, and Asia deCuba Restaurant in New York, Sky Bar, Barfly and Millenium in L.A, L.A. Lakers basketball games. Likes To Shop: New York, Prada, Mossimo and Barneys; in L.A., Fred Segal.

Hobbies: making home videos, skiing, doing impressions of people

Other Faves:'69 Mustangs, the song "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay", the color green, animals, and playing pool. Leo loves to go clubbing and date models.

Dislikes: meat and James Dean wanna-bes

Fears: having people see him as "flowery".

Drives: Silver BMW coupe, Blue Jeep Tahoe, 1969 Mustang Convertible

Pets: Did have a Rottweiler named "Rocky", but now has a bearded dragon lizard named Blizz.

Television Shows: Growing Pains, Romper Room, Lassie, Rosanne, Parenthood

Filmography: Critters 3, Poison Ivy (1992); This Boy’s Life , What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993); The Foot Shooting Party (1994); The Quick and the Dead , Basketball Diaries , Total Eclipse (1995); Romeo + Juliet , Marvin’s Room (1996); Titanic (1997), The Man In The Iron Mask (1998).
Coming soon: The Fall Project.

Awards: Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor (Drama) in Titanic, Academy Award nomination for What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Golden Globe nomination for What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Best Supporting Actor Award from the National Board of Review, New Generation Award from Los Angeles Film Critics Association for both What's Eating Gilbert Grape? and This Boy's Life, Most Promising Actor from the Chicago Film Critics for both What's Eating Gilbert Grape? and This Boy's Life

Runner-up: Best Supporting Actor from New York Film Critics Association and the National Society of Film Critics for This Boy's Life, Golden Samovar Award in the Moscow Film Fetival for Marvin's Room, Blockbuster Awards "Favorite Romance Actor" 1996 for Romeo and Juliet, Silver Berlin Bear Award for Best Actor in Romeo and Juliet from 47th Berlin International Film Festival.

He has been romantically linked with actresses Sara Gilbert, Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler, Juliette Lewis, Natasha Henstridge, Claire Danes and Demi Moore and models Bridget Hall, Bijou Phillips, Helena Christensen, Amber Valleta and Kristin Zang (who's also a Nicolas Cage ex). He denies dating any of these celebs but says he has had a "noncelebrity" girlfriend for more than two years. His longest relationship lasted for 15 months, with model Kristin Zang. They broke up shortly before "Titanic" was released.

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