Leo has just signed the contract to do the movie 'American Psycho' in which he will be paid $2.1 million.

Leo has been offered $2.5 million to promote a range of Japanese products.

After the premiere of 'The Man In The Iron Mask', Leo met Prince Charles.

Leo was thrilled when he scored courtside seats for a recent NBA (basketball) All-Star game next to Puff Daddy, who is now his new buddy.

Leo won't leave home without his Game Boy.

"On the last day of filming (Titanic), I dumped a bucket of freezing water all over Jim (director James Cameron)."

A friend of Leo has described his hands as "tiny and skinny with red knobby knuckles and broken nails". In fact, Leo is so unhappy with hem, he insisted on using a 'hand' extra to film the Titanic scene which shows him pulling a falling Rose back onto the ship.

Leo smokes Cohiba cigars and drinks vodka with cranberry juice.

Leo has signed a deal to star in a new movie. It's called 'The Beach' and Leo plays a homeless traveller who is given a map to paradise by a madman. They begin shooting in January 1999.

The movie Leo didn't want released (Total Eclipse, where he has a sexual scene with a guy) is being released soon. This movie is about 2 french poets (Rimbaud and Verlaine) carouse, drink absinthe, swear at each other, fight like alleycats and have a sexual liaison. They also treat women like dirt and just seem like total scumbags.

Leo's latest movie is 'American Psycho', where her plays, as the lead actor, a young, slick investment banker who tortures, murders and dismembers women, children and pets just for kicks. This movie is quite different from Leo's other roles, which should be a challenge for him. There was talk that this role was the most controversial role of the year. This movie has come from Bret Easton Ellis's banned novel 'American Psycho'.
Leo has another film 'Celebrity' in which he plays a rock star. This movie also stars Winona Ryder.

Leo's girl, 20 year old model, Vanessa Haydon is making sure that the world knows they are together. After a party in the US, Vanessa headed to Sydny for Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in May. She declined to discuss Leo, however she hinted that she'll be back in Sydney in August WITH Leo.

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