This is Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice).

Date of Birth: 06/08/72

Place of Birth: Watford, England

Starsign: Leo

Family: Lawrence(half Swedish father) and Ana Maria(spanish mother)

Likes: Talking, hanging out with friends, the colour red

Quote: "There is more to me than just a big busted redhead. I've got my darker, my intense, deeper side and I've got my intellectual side. I like having a healthy debate about current affairs".

Geri was the one that came up with the name 'Spice', but it had already been used so they added 'girls' on the end. Geri is known to be the loudest member of the group and also the bossy one. She is also known to forget people's names, very independent and can be bad at times. Geri has a crush on Brad Pitt and Matthew Perry.

Own production company: Firecracker Productions Limited

Geri fancies men who are attentive, charming and androgynous.

She describes herself as bold, strong and a mouthly leader.

She said "The Spice Girls adventure began with us 5 girlies, all in the music industry, dancing, session singing, at music college- we never got any jobs and our paths just kept crossing at auditions.

She said, "Fame does not exist, it's a state of wind, it's a myth."

Geri was reportedly talking to George Michael about her solo career. Geri and her boyfriend Christian Horsfall have been staying at George Michaels' $4 million home in St Tropez villa in the south of France. She not only stayed there to talk about music, but was spotted leaping out of a taxi to pound the pavement to keep fit and stress-free.

The reason Geri left the group was: she couldn't take the attacks about her poor performance and a yoyoing weight problem any longer, she decided on Sunday 31st May 1998 to leave the Spice Girls. "Mel B and Geri both have very strong personalities. It's not that any wrong decisions were made by Geri, it was just that it always going to end in rows if she was going to try to tell Mel B and the others what to do". According to one 'insider', Mel B's humiliating verbal attacks on Geri regularly made Geri break down in tears. "Mel B really laid into poor old Geri in front of everyone. She screamed 'Come on Geri. Get it together'. Then after another blast from Scary, Geri ran into a trailer in tears".

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